12 Of The Best DIY Home Remodel Ideas (Affordable & Inexpensive)

diy home remodel

As homeowners, we dream of the perfect home but it’s just a dream, and it takes a lot of planning and effort to turn that dream into reality.

If you’re just getting started with your first home or want to revamp some of the things in your current residence, there are plenty of DIY home remodel ideas that will make it look like a brand new house!

We’ve put together the top 12 DIY home remodel ideas, whether you want to change the flooring, replace the countertops, redo the cabinets, or even add a fireplace to your living room.

It is no lie that home remodelling is expensive. But what if I told you that you can have fabulous results without the price?

We’ve done all the hard work for you. Now you can stop spending hours surfing the web for tutorials and inspiration on home remodeling ideas. While you were searching for one or two ideas, we have collected 10+ for you. I’m sure at least one will fit your style!

1) Paint the Entire House

If you’re looking to really add value to your home, it’s hard to beat repainting your whole house. A fresh coat of paint will make a world of difference—and it doesn’t take a lot of time or money. Make sure to hire a professional if you don’t want drips and missed spots.

Another option would be to hire an interior designer; they know how best to utilize color in each room and make decorating decisions that highlight your best features.

Repainting is one of those projects that will benefit your home in several ways. Not only does it make your house look brand new, but a professional paint job can actually boost your home’s value and protect its interior from harmful UV rays.

A fresh coat of paint can also help you sell your home faster—just by making it more attractive to potential buyers. And with so many colours to choose from, you can easily pick a hue that matches any style or existing furnishings. In fact, Benjamin Moore has released their 2018 Colour Forecast—you might want to check it out!

Whether you plan on taking on a DIY project or hiring someone else to do it for you, there are many things you should consider before starting any remodeling work in your home.

2) Get Creative With Wallpaper

It’s not just for your grandma’s dining room anymore. In fact, many home décor experts are realizing that wallpaper can add style to a room without making it look old or dated.

And if you do it yourself (DIY), you can save big money and still have some fun doing it. The key is to get creative with your design and choose a pattern that fits with your home’s color scheme and furniture style.

If you’re not an experienced DIY-er, it may be best to hire a pro to come in and do it for you.

They can even design wallpaper custom-made for your room, if desired. Plus, they’ll make sure that wallpaper is applied correctly so that it will last a long time without getting damaged or bubbling up.

you can purchase beautiful looking wallpaper available on amazon at a cheap price.

3) Rethink Flooring

The floor is what people see first when they walk into your home. Think about it: How many times a day do you take off your shoes and leave them in front of your doorway?

If you don’t have nice-looking floors, no one will get past that first impression. To give your space a fresh, new look, think about upgrading to hardwood or laminate flooring.

You can find these materials in tiles, sheets, and planks that are easy to install. Your best bet is to visit a flooring store like Floor and Decor near you to get a sense of how much work it’ll take.

Alternatively, check out flooring installation videos on YouTube. They may help you get a better sense of how long it takes to put down hardwood or laminate flooring.

4) Pick Beautiful Hardware For Cabinets

In any home remodeling project, it’s always important to pay attention to even the smallest details.

Whether you’re looking for bathroom or kitchen cabinets, or replacing an old door, you can make your projects stand out by picking out beautiful hardware. There are many gorgeous handles and knobs available in a variety of styles that can easily be found at many local hardware stores.

When choosing new handles and knobs for cabinets, remember that it is best to pick pieces that match your home’s style.

You can make cabinets pop with beautiful new handles and knobs, available on amazon. When replacing kitchen cabinet hardware, for example, look for pieces that complement your home’s style. If you have more modern decor, it is a good idea to pick out handles and knobs in an elegant yet simple style.

5) Create a Built-In Storage Solution

Create a functional, custom-designed built-in storage solution to help you organize and declutter your home.

If you’re looking for easy projects that yield big results, building in storage is a great way to get started. With an eye toward function and aesthetics, these DIY home remodel ideas will help you add extra storage space where it’s needed most.

Your storage space will look polished and professional when you add a built-in unit that matches your room’s design scheme. Creating custom cabinets or bookcases is easy, and with just a few tools, you can have beautiful storage in no time.

6) Install New Backsplash

One of the most eye-catching ways to upgrade your kitchen is by installing a new backsplash. But, before you can get rid of that boring old tile and replace it with something much more stylish, you’ll have to think about color and texture.

In addition to picking out a new backsplash, you’ll also need to select flooring and countertops.

While those choices can often be difficult on their own, they both come in so many different varieties that it’s easy to get overwhelmed if you’re not prepared.

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite DIY home remodel ideas.

7) Add New Windows

When spring rolls around, it’s tempting to slap on a coat of paint and call it a day—but if you want your house to look fresh, you’ll need to do more than just refresh its façade.

In fact, a great home remodel involves much more than simply adding some new paint.

Adding new windows to your home is a great way to add value and give your house an instant facelift.

If you’re tired of being enveloped in darkness when all your curtains are drawn, or if you’re looking for a way to make your bathroom more functional without having to remodel, a new window could be just what you need.

I’ve seen many decorative windows that are available on Amazon and that will definitely please you.

8) Build an Awesome Patio

Building an awesome patio is a great way to inject personality into your home, while adding an extra room to use as you see fit. Whether it’s a fun place for your friends and family to gather or simply somewhere to relax, patios can be used in almost any capacity.

And they’re relatively easy to build, even if you have zero experience with construction—just look at all of these fantastic examples!

Your first step should be to choose a layout. There are lots of great patio designs that can fit into any yard, and you can even choose your own shape and size.

You might be tempted to build something large with tons of space, but keep in mind that it may get messy if you don’t plan accordingly. On average, 8 feet by 4 feet should be enough space for four people to sit comfortably while enjoying a meal or drink together, so try building to these dimensions when possible.

If there is some sort of distraction nearby—like a television—you may need more space than usual for each person to enjoy themselves.

9) Change Out Your Doors and Other Trimwork

Adding new doors and trim work to your home can really change up its appearance. When picking out a new door, think about both function and style—while you want something that blends in with your existing house design, you also want to find something that makes it easy for you to get in and out of your home.

Depending on how old your home is, its doors may be original; even if they’re not, replacing them could be a major project, so make sure it’s worth it.

Replacing your trim is a pretty big job, but it’s also one of those things that will have a lasting impact on your home. Trim can give an otherwise boring room some interesting visual elements to play off of, so it’s worth considering if you have time to spare.

10) Update Your Fixtures

Don’t feel like doing a full remodel, but still want your space to look better?

If so, think about updating your bathroom and kitchen fixtures. New sinks, faucets, and hardware can instantly add a lot of character and personality to an otherwise standard-looking room.

And since you don’t have to remove existing walls or spend big bucks on new countertops or flooring materials, it will be easier than ever to update your kitchen and bathroom.

If you do choose to update your fixtures, there are a number of important steps you’ll need to take. First, decide what kind of faucet and sinks you want to use. Most fixture upgrades won’t cost much more than $150 to $200 per sink or faucet, so be sure to do your research and shop around until you find something that fits your budget.

And then keep in mind that any fixture replacement could require a whole new pipe line, which will be much more expensive (and difficult) to deal with if you don’t upgrade all at once.

11) Clean your vinyl siding

During a DIY home remodel, you’ll have to wash your vinyl siding. You can make a cleaning solution that will do a great job, plus it’s much cheaper than buying commercial cleaner.

The method is pretty simple: mix one cup of baking soda with two cups of water and spray on your siding. Before scrubbing, let it sit for 30 minutes. The baking soda and vinegar in your homemade cleaner help break down dirt and grime, and soften stains as well.

When you’re done washing, rinse with water and dry thoroughly to prevent mold or mildew from growing inside your house or on your siding.

Once you’ve cleaned your siding, be sure to rinse off any residue and let it dry completely before adding a new coat of paint. If you’re thinking about painting or staining your siding, now is a good time to make those plans since you’ll want everything to be perfectly clean and dry before you start work.

If your house has been painted recently, you should try removing loose paint using an ice scraper before washing it.

12) Build A Breakfast Nook

Give your morning meal a much-needed upgrade with a DIY breakfast nook. A few simple home improvements can turn an unused closet or kitchen space into a functional seating area where you can eat, socialize and look out onto your yard.

A basic breakfast nook will give you just enough space to comfortably enjoy both meals and evenings alike—which is exactly what any self-respecting homeowner wants. Plus, with minimal design work required on your part, it’s easy to achieve professional results at home.

It provides a multipurpose space that can be used for playing board games, dinner parties or late-night chats—which means it pays for itself many times over throughout its lifetime.

Plus, it’s an ideal spot to catch up on email, surf the web and study before bed—so consider adding a desk as well.


Hope you’re enjoying this ultimate home remodel list!

The best part about remodeling your home is that you can do the work yourself and save a lot of money. Remodeling your kitchen, bathroom and other parts of the house is always fun for you because it enables you to use your design ideas. Not every project is within everyone’s skill set, so as a DIY enthusiast, one of the most important things to remember is safety. Always use protective gear to reduce the chance of injuries while undertaking a remodeling project.

Enjoy the process as well as the results as you make your house beautiful!

By the way, What is your favorite DIY Home Remodel Ideas? and why? let me know in the comments down below.

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